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Campus History

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In September of 1949, Pasadena ISD opened South Shaver Elementary and R.H. Moore was the principal. The school soon faced increases in enrollment and portable buildings became a way of life for the growing school. In the school year of 1962-1963, South Shaver Elementary was selected as one of two elementaries to pilot the non-graded system. The students taught by the system started in the first grade and increased a grade level each year as they progressed. Moore served as the principal for 10 years and in 1959, he was followed by SE Anderson, who was followed by John Austin. Austin was the principal of South Shaver Elementary for one year before he became the principal of Queens Intermediate School. In keeping with the district-wide plan to improve athletic facilities, a new gymnasium was completed in 1975. In 1976, 24 teachers were on staff and 640 students were enrolled at South Shaver.

In more recent years, the school’s current building opened in September 2014 and the original building was demolished shortly thereafter. South Shaver’s new address is 200 West Avenue in Pasadena. South Shaver currently serves around 670 students in grades pre-kindergarten through fourth.

List of Principals

  • Richard Moore 1949-1959
  • SE Anderson 1959-1961
  • John Austin 1961-1962
  • John Freeman 1962-1980
  • Joyce Eversole 1980-1994
  • Virginia Hershman 1994-1996
  • Sharon Ainsworth 1996-2014
  • Erica Ordogne Lilly 2014-present